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BIM coordination of the Mendrisio UW plant





After completing the first phase of the project relating to the construction of the Mendrisio substation for the Aziende Industriali di Mendrisio (AIM), carried out entirely in BIM through the Trimble Connect platform for coordination, phase 2 relating to the UW Mendrisio plant (a new substation with frequency converter for the Swiss Federal Railways) will take place via the cloud platform as well.

The BIM database, modeled in Revit, allows us to structure the entire project according to Customer’s, Engineer’s and Client’s requirements, following our BIM Execution Plan tailored to each project. In the UW Mendrisio project, having direct access to data on the cloud, the Trimble Connect platform is also used on site both via tablet and from large-screen coordination stations.

A heartfelt thanks from Project Partners Ltd for the collaboration provided to all our valuable partners: Repower SA, Ennio Ferrari SA and Rigozzi Engineering SA.