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Belvedere Residence: Work progress





We constantly optimize and complete our proposals to offer the best possible quality of life to our customers. We provide a comprehensive service to guarantee top professionalism.

The work is proceeding at a fast pace. Come and find out for yourself. Residenza Belvedere is now complete in its raw state and it is already possible to visit and admire the apartments that will be completed and delivered at the end of September 2020.

Only two apartments remain. Do not waste time, call us, we are still in time to make your dream home “tailormade”.

A refined and exclusive residence for those who love elegance and want a personalized modern life style, only a few km away from the center of Lugano, immersed in the tranquility and greenery close to the characteristic neighborhood of Breganzona, has almost come to an end.

Explotecnica Project Management SA, designer and promoter of the project, is waiting for you to evaluate every detail together (

Choose your apartment freely, write to